Sunday, June 10, 2012

Other Uses for Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

Widely known for its degreasing capabilities, blue Dawn dishwashing liquid has a multitude of other uses in and around the house. And its inexpensive price tag makes it even more attractive! Here are some great ways to use Dawn:

Jewelry Cleaner: Put a couple of drops in a cup of very warm water. Whisk the solution around with your finger to suds up and then drop your diamond ring (or other gemstone) in to soak for approximately 30 minutes. Gently scrub the ring (or other jewelry) with an old toothbrush to loosen dirt and rinse under warm water. Dry on a soft towel and you will have a bright, sparkly gemstone.

Stain Pretreatment: Dab a drop or two of Dawn on a greasy stain that’s on a piece of clothing. If you have a HE (high energy) machine, wipe off the excess soap before placing the garment in the washer to keep it from getting too sudsy. I think you will be surprised at how well this pretreatment solution works!

Kills Fleas: Many veterinarians recommend bathing dogs using Dawn to get rid of fleas, including young pups that are too young for flea medications. You may want to use a conditioning rinse afterwards to keep Fido’s skin from drying out. You can also wash their bedding with Dawn to help get rid of the pesky varmints that may be hiding there.

Ice Pack: Pour a cup of Dawn dishwashing liquid into a plastic baggie, seal it and place in the freezer to be used on boo-boos as an ice pack. Not only does it last longer than a regular bag of ice, but it also refreezes so that it be re-used multiple times.

Bubbles: When it comes to making a homemade bubble mixture, Dawn is the best choice for long-lasting bubbles. Click here to read how to “Bubble Away Boredom” and mix up the right solution.

I figure that if Dawn works so well in these areas, it must do a great job on pots and pans! What are some other ways that you use Dawn dishwashing liquid?


  1. Dawn is amazing stuff. When my daughter's college roommate came to visit last week, her old beat-up car left a huge oil stain on our driveway. She was so embarrassed, and then I remembered those post BP oil spill commercials where they showed Dawn being used to clean oil off of birds? Sure enough, once I sprinkled kitty litter over the oil to soak up as much as possible and swept that away, I squirted on some Dawn and scrubbed. No more driveway stain!

  2. Also, Dawn, Apple Blossim, is good for controlling flies in the house. Just put some in a cup and fill with water , get that nice green apple color. Put the cup(s) around the house and before you know it the flies will be a-floating in your cup(s). No more sprays or tapes.